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Brokerage sale...
We act as your agent to sell your motorhome on your behalf. This gives many of the benefits of selling privately, but avoids the pitfalls!
You retain legal title to the vehicle until it is sold
You avoid the costs of insurance and storage
We advertise the vehicle for you
We show the vehicle to potential customers
We can arrange finance for the purchaser
We can offer part exchange if required
We can offer a warranty on the vehicle
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Sell for cash...
If you're in a hurry to sell, the quickest way to sell your motorhome is to sell to us for cash (subject to sight of vehicle to check the condition, etc).
We'll tell you instantly if we are interested
We'll make you an offer once we've checked out your vehicle
We'd expect to complete the purchase within a week of making an offer
We can settlle any outstanding finance
We pay you the balance by secure means
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