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Motorhome hire is enjoying a massive boom and is fast becoming the No.1 for growth in the holiday sector. Solent Motorhomes are a leading light in Roller Team motorhome sales and can help you start a motorhome hire business with little or no investment that can be run from home. If you are self-motivated, practical and interested to understand this business, we'd love to speak with you.
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It's not always easy finding a new start-up business where the would-be business owner doesn't need to specialize in a particular industry. The motorhome hire fleet is one particular area where it is still possible, and where no particular certification is neccesary. 

The Product

Roller Team motorhomes are modern, stylish motorhomes and always at a great price point. They  come with 10 very different layouts, some of which will perfectly suit your different customers' requirements. Whether you would be hiring the vehicle to a family of six, or should it be for just a couple, or even somewhere in between, there is a brand-new Roller Team motorhome to suit your potential hiring customer's profile. The beauty of Roller Team is that they are sturdy, well-built motorhomes, which are attractive as well as being able to cope with a family. They are built in Tuscany in Italy, and are the only motorhome brand that Solent Motor Homes retails, easily ensuring we are the largest Roller Team Dealership in the UK.

Requirements to consider
At least 300 sq metres of (fairly easy to find) secure storage in which to keep your motorhomes (and customers cars whilst they are away) is required for the Hire Insurance. A toilet for customer use is always much appreciated after their long journeys, along with an office for your own use, although this is a business that can be easily run from home. All that is really needed is a phone, computer and printer, and a diary, whether computerised or paper. It also makes life a little easier if one has a natural disposition or access to DIY skills.
Get in touch, come and see us
Our premises are in Poole and all the new motorhomes are in the showroom, making it easy to make a well informed choice between the different layouts that will suit for your new hire fleet, whether it be just the one motorhome purchase for rental, or for several. With our level of previous expertise in motorhome hire, we also know all the relevant business contacts required!  Whether you need help for motorhome hire paperwork, or for assistance in know-how on business purchase, hire fleet insurance cover, asset finance, or vat, or even technical know-how, our aim is to be the fledgling hire company's one stop shop.
Please call us on 01202 801705 or email on for any further information.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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